Hillshire Farms & Dane Packaging International (dPi) Partners in Innovation

Hillshire Farms (Sara Lee) wanted a problem-solving partner – and found us. When the Hillshire Farm brand needed a special package for a groundbreaking new product concept, they partnered with dPi. They knew of our quality lines and ability so solve problems though innovation.

In Hillshire Farms case, the innovation was though a leading thermoformers proprietary Tamper-Resistant packaging. Strong, crystal clear, resealable and made from PETE (the world’s most recycled plastic). It has a patent pending closure that keeps multiple salad components secure and fresh. Hillshire Farm’s reaction? Case closed. And locked.


DPI is a TOTAL PACKAGING SOLUTIONS COMPANY specializing in plastic food packaging. dPI has offices in Illinois and Michigan and covers the Midwest regions of the US.

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